Hi guys! This time I will show you an easy way how to Extrude Path in Autocad in autocad tutorial. AutoCAD is one of software app which almost use in a technique world. Most of the technique people or the student inside absolutely has been well-known with this application. So, without any doubt, let’s draw a part by using this cool app.

How to Extrude Path in AutoCAD – AutoCAD Tutorial

Here are the steps how to Extrude path in AutoCAD app

1. To use extrude path command, the first way that you have to do is open the program at your personal computer or on your laptop.

2. After that, draw 2 circles with a suitable diameter (out and in) side based on the pipe that you want to draw. Just take the example, we use the 300 mm of the outside and the 100 mm of the inside.

3. After that, draw a long line which the length based on the length of the extrude pipe that you will draw. For example, just make it for 1000 mm. Click Isometric view to draw easier than click Line Command or type L enter and click center circle, type @0,0,1000 enter. You also can make the line with active ORTHO command, then click center circle then make a line in the direction of the Z axis with length of 1000 mm.

How to Extrude Path in AutoCAD

4. If you have been drawing both of them, after that type EXT on the command bar, then click enter or click EXTRUDE icon.

5. Then click both circles, click the enter button again.

6. Type P to choose Path command then click the line that you just have drawn, then the part will automatically be made.

7. Click the Conceptual Visual Style, it aimed for it will looked like 3D

How to Extrude Path in AutoCAD

8. To make a hole of the part or pipe, the next option that we need to use by using the Subtract

– On the command bar, type SUBTRACT then click enter.

– Click the outside part of the pipe or the biggest diameter of them then click Enter.

– Click the inner pipe or the smallest diameter of them, then click enter

– The pipe is already made.

– To see it well, you can change the view.

How to Extrude Path in AutoCAD

Well, that is how to extrude path in AutoCAD, it is easy, isn’t it? Hopefully, you can try it by yourself. Goodluck !


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