CAD is Computer Aided Design. It means designing some thing or a model with computer. Which is one software on design division is AutoCAD. Actually, there are many kinds of design software for engineering that they use in this world industry now. But, AutoCAD have several advantages that has been served until many industries are still using AutoCAD to help them for their work. AutoCAD is a design software that designing 2D and 3D model. But, nowadays the majority they use another software to designing 3D ┬ábecause another software have a feature that served easier by another several 3D model likes Mechanical Dekstop, Inventor, SolidWork, Catia, and etc. Let’s learn introduction of Autocad for autocad tutorial basic.

The Elemants in AutoCAD

Introduction of Autocad
“The explanation image of AutoCad Elements”
  • Tool Bar

Tool Bar is a kind of tools that use for commanding AutoCad for using greatly. To ask a good command for delineation, editing or setting, u can click on Menu tool bar based on your purpose.

  • Drawing Area

Is a work place as a delineation and edting your design.

  • UCS Icon

Is a symbol that shows coordinate axis direction on your delineation. On 2D delineation an X axis on the right side is positive and on the left side is negative. And also an Y axis on the up side is positive and on the down side is negative. Meanwhile, in 3D there is one more axis that is Z axis that having positive and also negative sides.

  • Command Line

Is a command line of autocad, where is in this command line you can put a commands that you want to type on the command column line, likes LINE, ERASE, CIRCLE, and etc. In the command line you can also know the explanation about a few command that you can use.

The Basic and The Function of Tools Bar

AutoCAD Tutorial
“Tools Bar Basic Image”

Continue to learn introduction of Autocad, you have to know all this tool for autocad tutorial basic.

  • Line

Is a tool to make a straight line or angular line that suitable like we want. We can click tool LINE on the tool bar or type LINE on the command line space.
First formula is : @Panjang,lebar / @x,y example :
Type : @40,0 means that the length of X = 40 mm and the wide of Y = 0 mm

AutoCAD Tutorial Basic
“Command line with length of x = 40 mm image”
The second formula is : @Panjang<sudut / @x<30 examples :

Type : @,40<30 means that length of X = 40 mm and the angular 30 degrees.

Introduction of Autocad
“Command line with length 40 mm and 30 degrees image”
  • Rectangle

Is a tool to command make a irregular square. Just click rectangle on tool bar then type @x,y as a length and a wide.
Example : @40,40 means that the length is 40 and the wide is 40.

AutoCAD Tutorial
“use rectangle command 40,40 image”
  • Circle

Is a tool that command to make a circle with a diameter or a radius based on us. Just click circle tool on tool bar menu and click drawing area, then you can choose and giving size with the diamater or radius by typing d or r then enter, then type the size.

“Use cycle command with 40 diameter image”
  • Arc

Is a tool that command for make unirregular arc on your delineation.

1. First :

Command : Arc

  • Specify start point of arc or [center]: ( click 1 x)
  • Specify center-point of arc or [center/end]: (click 2x)
  • Specify-end point of arc: (click 3x)
2. Second :
  • Specify start point of arc or [center] : c
  • Specify-center point of arc : click 1x
  • Specify start point of arc : click 2x
  • Specify end point of arc [Angle/chord lenght] : click 1 x

For first time you learn AutoCad, I hope you already finish to learn this article, it’s The Introduction of Autocad. Because this article is basic of autocad learning. After that you can learn how to make part in AutoCad to know more about AutoCAD tutorial basic.


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