Drawing Rod Cover with SolidWorks

Right now, we’re gonna learn how to make a drawing rod cover with SolidWorks. We will draw for rod cover  with SolidWorks that we’ve been making the tutorial models before. Let’s begin Drawing Rod Cover with SolidWorks – Solidworks Tutorial :

Drawing Rod Cover with SolidWorks – Solidworks Tutorial

Step 1, click New, then there will be display choices like this image :

Then you just choose Drawing, and there will be display’s like below :

If you’ve been having your own sheet, you can take it and use it here by click browse and choose your sheet. But if you don’t have a sheet, you can choose a sheet that has been served by SolidWorks. Choose one of the sheets that you want. And here I’d like to choose a sheet of A4 (ISO) then click OK. And then, the displays would be like this.

For make it better, you need to open a file part first that you’ll make for drawing, in order that when you open it the dialog box open documents will directly appear. If the dialog box hasn’t been showing up yet, you can browse the part models until the displays would be like in the image above, then click the up arrow. And then the displays would be like this.

For make that view looks better, the choices view gives an arrow. Next, drag the view into the image and then complete all the view. And it would be like this below image.


Now we will make section view by using the Section View. Drag the cursor to the view that we’ll make for the section view. Click on the center line to the tip end of the center line of view and then pull to the right. Look this below image.



Drag the view to the right and click it once again, then enter or click the green checklist. Then it will look like this.

And now, we will make a size to all view, please steps below :

Click the Annotation on the Toolbar menu then click the Smart Dimension. Now, give the size to the first view by click the first center line to the second center line. And then, drag the cursor to the right. See this image below.

After you click the yellow symbols, the sizes automatically move to the right sides.

(After clicking the second steps, you must immediately click the yellow symbols because they are getting disappear soon). And then, complete all the sizes with a Smart Dimension till being like this.

And the last step is by giving the head of the image by typing the name of the designer, name of the draft, the date and etc. By using this.

Click the Note on the Toolbar then drag the cursor to the head of the image that will you fill. Click once, then type the name of the designer and etc. Then the displays will be like this

And, here is the last result.

Just see our next tutorial about CAD.



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